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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY in the summer!

Loving summertime! I am finally getting to do some of the things I pinned on Pinterest. The first thing I want to share is for my classroom. I started it around Christmas. I came up with it on my own.  I found several old cookies sheets that were being given away. I painted them with black chalkboard paint, cut the vinyl lettering with my Cameo using a Kevin and Amandan font, then added the fabric flowers and rosettes with my hot glue gun. The fabric is leftover from the curtains I made for my classroom. So it will look great in there.

My youngest daughter's birthday is this week. She continued to ask how long until her birthday, so I pulled this out.  She loves it.  We change the number everyday.

I also have had fun with my sewing machine.  I tell people I pretend to sew, because I just play on it.  
I made these pillows for outside. I my friend told me about a pin that she saw-
Outdoor pillows, the idea is to stuff them with plastic bags.  I like how they turned out. I think they may need a few more bags in them after sitting in the chairs and leaning on them.  I found the fabric at Walmart they had it on sale for $2 a yard.  

And, since I have used all my plastic bags, I decided to make a bag to hold all my bags that I will continue to collect from my trips to the store. 

There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest.  I did not use one.  I just looked at one my friend had made. Her's is adorable with several coordinating fabrics.  Since I just play on a sewing machine, mine is simple.  I sewed up a rectangle, hemmed the bottom and added elastic to it, hemmed the top, and added ribbon for the handle. I did not put elastic or a drawstring in the top, I may wish I had later. The fabric came from Hobby Lobby. It was leftover from the curtains I made last year for my kitchen. 

I had to take my laptop to the tech guys at school. They are getting me a different one in July sometime. So, the digital items I was planning on posting is going to have to wait. 

Happy summer!


  1. Thanks Katie! I linked to your blog again in my latest post! Love you!