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Thursday, March 6, 2014


First of all, I love my friend Alisha, she always says new socks are the best thing ever.  I do love a new pair of socks.

Last week my wonderful friend Amelia gave me two pair of cute BLACK socks.  This is a big deal.  For the past several months I have been working out- (not typical of me, I am now addicted).  Since I work out 5 days a week, I need athletic socks each day.  I have worn for the past several 10+ years, white no show socks.  Evidently the style now for my age is black or match your shoes. so thank you Amelia. When we work out 2 of the 5 days, I will be in style. Unless I stop folding them again, which is very likely.

All of that leads me to this- I hate folding socks and I have not been able to find a matching pair for me or any of my other family members for the past week.  So since we have had a billion snow days off from school and tomorrow we go back, I decided that I needed to find matching socks for everyone.
This is not my basket, but this looks very similar and It is from a funny blog post at Crystle and Co. I should take her advice!

So tonight I decided to fold socks and keep a tally of number of socks I folded.  I am married to a guy who at one time wore suits (dress socks) often, now mainly athletic socks.  I have an 11 year old girl, 8 year old boy, and a 6 year old girl.  I decided after I had my son that all the socks I bought would be white so they could go from one child to the next.  My oldest and I can now share socks (she is not a baby anymore) and the two little ones can also share socks.  So here is the tally:

Husband has 25 matching pairs of socks, and 17 socks without a match
I have 12 matching pairs of socks, and 4 without a match
Oldest daughter- 11 year old has 11 pairs of socks and 5 without a match
My Son has 19 pairs of sock and 16 without a match
Youngest daughter has 20 pairs of socks and 3 without a match

(fyi I have taken a break and have not folded my husband and sons black socks.  This total is not correct)

Why, Why, Why would someone have 20-25 pairs of socks and 16+ without a match???  I have no idea.  My son however takes his socks and shoes off everywhere and anywhere he can get away with it so I kinda understand his 16 without a match.  But why would someone need 30+ pairs of socks- you only wear one maybe two pair a day????

So I will leave you with one a thought for the day...  
Every normal person who does laundry knows there is always a basket of mismatched socks on the dryer. Why do they put the power button on the dryer all the way to the right. The way most w/d hook ups are set up is the dryer is on the right.  Which means to me that a man or a rich person decided upon that.   I have to reach around the basket every time I turn on the dryer or clean the lint filter.

Back to folding socks....

Happy Snow Day,

Note: I wrote this blog post several weeks ago and just now had time to finish it. Also, I have now started to DECRAPIFY, see that post here.

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